Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pinoy Advertisement | Coke Ko To Nalilito Nalilito

I remember back then this was one of the crazy things to do at our classroom. Hahaha. Nostalgia~

Funny Pinoy Advertisement Sunkist

Lesson learned, don't drink Sunkist! hahahaha

Bayantel SPAN Funny Commercial | Neck

Funny Pinoy advertisement from Bayantel Span, the Mobile Landline.

FITA | I Hate me advertisement

A funny pinoy advertisement from FITA. I hate me!

Funny Ginebra San Miguel Advertisement

Funny advertisement from Ginebra San Miguel. Pinoy, bilog ang mundo.

Funny Commercial from Skycable Philippines | Pa Test Drive Ah

Funny commercial from Skycable Philippines. Pa test drive naman!

Bayantel Philippines | Funny Comfort Room Commercial

A funny advertisement from Bayantel Philippines.